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Mildred Ann Goggins

August 30th, 1923 - July 9th, 2019

​Mildred Ann Goggins was a truly joyful person; She had a great sense of humor, a gentle smile, and the kindest of hearts. Mom always lit up the room with her wittiness, laughter, and spunky personality. Her greatest quality, however, was her sacrificial love; Mom never hesitated to drop what she was doing to help someone in need, yet she never took credit for her selfless acts, giving all the credit to our Lord Jesus Christ. Mom cherished her faith and considered it a great gift from God. In addition to her faith in our Lord, Mom had a special devotion to Our Blessed Mother and offered daily rosaries for her family and friends. These expressions of faith were an essential part of how she lived her life as a devoted wife, loving mother, and carting grandmother; she lived every moment with our care and wellbeing foremost in her thoughts and deeds. This deep love of our Lord extended beyond her family, especially for the unborn. When it came to the protection of human life, she spent hours defending the unborn and prayed fervently for all to recognize how precious life is. She also served as a member of the Altar Society and made sure our Lord's home was fit for the King of Kings. Words will never be able to describe how beautiful a person Mom was nor how much we love her. So Mom, we close with one of your favorite Irish blessings...

"May the Angels lead you into Paradise, and at your coming may the Martyrs receive you. May they lead you into the holy City of Jerusalem. May a Choir of Angels receive you, and may you have eternal peace with Lazarus, who was once a poor man."

With joyful hearts and our enduring love, 

Your Children, Grand Children, and Great-Grand Children

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